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Forest Hills Flooring aims to give you the perfect site to choose and buy your flooring. Here you can find All types of flooring for every budget, and every purpose. One of the first things you notice about any house is the floor covering. You walk on it wherever you go, and you see it automatically, because we learn from a very young age that it is important to look where we are stepping. You are probably already thinking of buying new flooring, if you are here and looking around. Choose one of the categories on the left, or simply search for your items using the box on the top right. Forest Hills Flooring lists all popular types of flooring, and all at great prices, from top retailers.

If you like a traditional carpet, you can find a great range here, from basic cover through easy clean and up to luxury ranges. We have a carpet solution for every budget. Choose from traditional roll carpet or carpet tiles. You can also find a good selection of underlays to suit your carpet and the use it will be put to.

A favourite type of flooring now in the house is laminated wooden floor, or sometimes traditionally treated wooden floors. Forest Hills Flooring has a very wide selection of both types to make your floor smooth and easy to clean. All accessories and fitting tools are available too, and you will be able to get advice from the customer service team at the store you choose to purchase from .

One other covering is floor tiles, which can be vinyl, rubber, cork, wood, ceramic or bamboo. All materials produce good long lasting floor coverings, and each is good for its own area of use. A lot comes down to personal choice of course, and whichever you select Forest Hills Flooring can help you to get a great price, and delivery direct to your door.

Finally, there is roll vinyl flooring, the modern equivalent of the old style linoleum, which nowadays has lost its hard curly character and comes in cushionfloor and warming textures. A variety of styles, patterns and prices are here for you to choose from. Vinyl flooring is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and entrance halls, or anywhere you might like to have traditional tiles, but can't quite afford the purchase price, or don't want to spend the extra effort required. Modern vinyl flooring is comfortable to walk on and looks great too.

Whatever flooring you are looking for, Forest Hills Flooring has the solution for you at a great price, and we hope you enjoy your stay on the site and find your ideal flooring.


If you're looking for stylishly designed, robust and reliable material, then solid wood flooring is the option for you. As well as being fantastically authentic, this type of flooring is also incredibly hard-wearing and can be sanded, varnished or coloured to suit your preference. Solid wood flooring gives your house a traditional, rustic aura whilst maintaining the solidity and support good flooring ought to.
Similar to solid wood floors, engineered flooring appears authentic, conventional and can be recurrently sanded, varnished or painted to suit your liking. Usually pre-finished, engineered wood flooring involves sticking two layers of ply wood to the bottom of a visible hardwood layer. This type of flooring is more cost efficient and gives you all the fantastic qualities of solid wood flooring, for a segment of the price.
Perhaps the most popular flooring choice in modern homes today, laminate flooring is very easy to install and maintain in any environment. A photographic copy of wood is bonded to fibreboard and then laminated for strength and durability. This type of flooring is perfect for those on small budgets and a desire for authentic-looking flooring. Ideal for a busy household, this convincing style of flooring is available in virtually any shape or style and is a much cleaner alternative to carpet.

Bamboo flooring is an eco-friendly alternative to using all other types of hardwood, which take longer to grow and mature. Despite popular belief Bamboo is not wood, but a type of grass, and as such can grow up to 4foot in 24hours. However, once processed and assembled, bamboo flooring is just as attractive, convincing and reliable as any other material. So why not try something a bit different and exciting, whilst maintaining all the advantages of hardwood flooring.
Cork flooring is an eco-friendly and renewable product as the material used is obtained primarily from the bark of the Cork Oak tree. Minus the need for logging, you can rest assured that your floor springs from organic resources without damaging the natural world. This material carries many unique advantages such as being attractive, sound-proof, fire-proof and soft to the touch.
Available in countless arrays of colours, styles and patterns, vinyl flooring is perhaps one of the easiest materials to design around your taste. Given the option to mimic wood, floor tiles or most other materials, vinyl flooring is one of the cheaper and more practical methods of flooring. Once laid down your floor will be resilient, easy to clean, padded and ideal for wet rooms like bathrooms. 
Using floor tiles perhaps provides the most opportunity for creativeness and imagination, in terms of design and panache.  Created usually from ceramic or stone, floor tiles can be finished in various ways, such as varnishing, painting or glazing. Applied to your floor individually, via the use of mortar and grout, the position and design of each tile is completely your choice. Although this type of flooring can seem quite hard and cold, the sense of traditionalism, magnificence and grandeur showcased is unbeatable.

If you're a fundamentalist, or just prefer the feeling of something soft in-between your toes, then a carpet is the flooring choice for you. Don't be fooled into thinking this method is boring or out-dated due to the length of its existence. A carpet is generally still one of the most comfortable, warm and inviting materials you can have in your home. 
No matter how luxurious, interesting or stylish your floor may be – high-quality rugs will complete your room perfectly. From the simplest of styles to the most intricate designs, there is a special rug out there for every one of us. This perfect finishing piece, particularly for hard floors, treats your feet to a soft and comforting base to land on at home. Transportable and easy-to-clean, your ideal rug is waiting out there for you now. 



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